Friday, December 13, 2013


Angellus Grimm. Angel, Demon...Idk. I may not be religious, but I love biblical stuff, and old school lore. I tried to mix in a few things. The wings just seemed suiting for a fallen angel type. The suit jacket without the tie kinda reminded me of SuperNatural, of course, I don't tend to do ties. Tattoos are just something I want. Horns were an added bonus.


Normal Me. My usual Leather Jacket before Sean Bean warned me to get out the heavy coat. Also...Cancer Stick..

Monday, September 16, 2013

Animation with Added Sound

New and Improved version.

Not as Improved as I would've liked it to be...But there lies the curse of being a college student with work etc...Not enough time in a day to breathe.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Animation based in the Triptych Project. The Triptych was simply based upon things that I enjoy or feel. Things that evoke personal feelings, with a bit of a nerdy splash at the end. I'm not saying I'm waiting for the zombie apocalypse, but I'm waiting for the zombie apocalypse.
For this animation, I chose the middle frame. The "LOVE" frame. I chose this frame to animate, because it's probably the most personal for me. I decided to make the heart pump, to make the birds fly, and to make the knife from the third frame of the triptych penetrate the heart. I think the meaning doesn't necessarily change as much as it amplifies and communicates better through the animation, rather than the still.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


1. In section II of the reading, the author writes of reproduction being the cause for the decay of the power and importance of the original. I have seen great critics of many art mediums show images of Rothko paintings, (photos and reproductions) in an educational setting to give example of the work, only to later say that no reproduction could capture the subtleties, or the brilliance of the originals. The originals still hold this mysterious power, but the reproductions serve as an example to those who haven't been fortunate enough to travel to the gallery where the originals remain. Is this decay? or a Teaser? Furthermore, the originals, no matter how well kept, are literally and physically decaying in real time...How can reproduction or photography be cause for decay, when they are the only things preserving them in real time? The only things exposing the world to truly historical masterpieces?

2. In section VIII of the reading, the author compares and contrasts film with stage performed plays. There is mention of the lack of interaction with an audience in a film, whereas, in a play, the actors can freely interact with the audience to make them feel like a part of the production. Film is spoken of negatively in this context. Without the audience left to interpret the performance, but simply being along for the that not a more pure form of the artist's expression?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project 1. Oops.

Obviously, I didn't completely grasp the concept of the project, and by the time I could actually read the class blog, I had finished these, and I didn't have time to course correct due to work...etc.
Better luck next time.